The future of Luleå

Luleå växer

Luleå is growing and as the municipal housing provider we have a significant role to play in creating the Luleå of the future. The owner directive that we are to build 1,000 new flats by 2023 makes big demands on our organisation.

Our success requires access to land and the ability of other stakeholders to provide resources. At the same time we need to continue renovating and maintaining our existing housing stock.

För att vi ska lyckas krävs tillgång till mark och att övriga intressenter har kapacitet att bistå med resurser. Samtidigt ska vi fortsätta renovera och underhålla befintligt bestånd.

The growth of Luleå Municipality

The population of Luleå Municipality grew from just over 72,500 in 2004 to about 77,000 (as of August 2017). According to the prognosis for the year 2022, Luleå’s population will be around 78,400. In December 2008 the municipality adopted its new vision for Luleå in 2050. It has been determined that by 2050 there will be 10,000 more inhabitants than then (Dec. 2008).

The city pulse

What demands will the generation handover make on us as developers of society, and what does this mean?

Luleå´s vision

"Luleå 2050. We live a rich and developmental life in a forceful and growing region. On the Gulf of Bothnia there is room for both sides: closeness and space, town and country, breadth and cutting edge, white expanses and light summer nights, nature’s values and its opportunities. Through natural innovativeness and a fresh flow of impressions, know-how and sharing we create sustainable renewal. This makes us one of the most important coastal regions and an exemplar, both nationally and internationally."

We know that the majority of the elderly would prefer to live in the area where they have previously lived. The increase in the population in the town centre shows that it is attractive to live in the centre above all for those who have grown children and those who want to be closer to the city pulse and the activities that are offered.

Higher demands

Longer life expectancy makes higher and increased demands on adapted living for the elderly. Our investments in sheltered housing are an important factor in building a better community for all in Luleå. Furthermore, in connection with conversions we will increase accessibility in our housing. We will offer housing for people in different phases of life – everything from student accommodation to senior housing. The challenge is to build new housing to free up older, cheaper housing that chiefly appeals to young people.