Sommar i Luleå
LuleboTV - Summer and Neighbourhood groups

We appreciate the culture in all its forms and we are pleased to support events that contribute to Lulea for everyone. We are also working to create comfort and community in our neighborhoods, including through our farm groups.Check this out!

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Attractive business premises

If you are looking for a suitable business premises do not hesitate to contact us.Read more.

Visualiseringar av nyproduktioner
Showroom - newly built apartments

Welcome to our digital Showroom and experience our newly built apartments (shown only in Swedish).See more.

Vi hejar på de små spelarna också
LuleboTV - involvement that makes a difference

An accommodation is so much more than walls, ceilings and floors. Equally important is the life between the buildings and the possibilities which is given.Watch the movie!

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When there is an ongoing disruptions it is published on this page.Read more.

Theatre for children


We offer theater for children, suitable from three years.Read more.

Heating in the flats


Are you wondering about how the heating works in our properties and flats? Here you can read more about the heating system and get some tips for a more pleasant indoor climate.Read more...

Requirements for yearly updates


Once a year you must update your expressions of interest, and if you do not answer yes or no to three offers in a three-month period, you are blocked and cannot make new expressions of interest.Read more.


Business premises

We have business premises in most of Luleå's neighborhoods. In total, we manage more than 55 000 square meters.

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Present projects

We are investing heavily in renovation, conversion, extension and new construction. In recent years we have maintained among the highest rates of renovation in Sweden. We have also carried out considerable energy savings.

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Ongoing procurements

Click on the link below to show ongoing procurements and to retrieve documentation digitally. For distribution of the tender documentation you must have registered a tenderer account with TendSign.

Ongoing procurements


We are here!

We have 10,000 flats, of which 1,500 are student accommodation. We are represented in most quarters of Luleå in addition to Antnäs 20 km south of Luleå, and Råneå 30 km northwest of Luleå. We have also more than 200 business premises.

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Saving queue points

To register for our housing queue and save queue points you must register under My Pages at the top right of the page. If you are considering a new home, we welcome you. We will do everything we can so that you can enjoy life and have a secure dwelling.

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