New parking space charges

From 1 January 2018 there will be new rental charges for parking spaces in Lulebo’s housing areas. In some cases there will be no change. At the same time, adaptation for electric cars will be made possible.

Lulebo has not carried out a overall review of rental charges for different types of parking space in the different housing areas since 2010. For that reason, a review was carried out in autumn 2017. This inspection indicates that rental charges are inconsistent.

There are differences which are not justifiable or fair. Similarly, rent levels have not changed at the same rate as other property owners’ price levels or the Consumer Price Index. We have therefore introduced a new pricing model and adjusted rental charges. Information about the changes has been submitted to the Tenants’ Association.

The new pricing model for different types of parking spaces is based among other things on the following parameters: location – the downtown peninsular or within and outside the urban centre, type of parking space and type of electrical power supply.

New rents

Click the appropriate link based on where you live in order to download the document.

Central Luleå and/or new production

In urban areas
Bergnäset, Björkskatan, Gammelstad, Hertsön, Kallkällan, Knöppelåsen, Lerbäcken, Lulsundsberget, Malmudden, Mjölkudden, Porsön, Skurholmen, Tunastigen, Örnäset, Östermalm.

Outside urban areas
Antnäs, Råneå, Sunderbyn.

Continuous electrical power

The new charge for continuous electrical power (6A, constantly switched on) from 1 January 2018 will be 350 kr per month, where available. There is an additional rental charge for the parking space. Lulebo’s ambition is for all parking spaces to be provided with full hook-up post control or individual metering, which is fairer to the tenant and preferable from an environmental aspect.

Current agreements signed by tenants for continuous electrical power have a nine (9) month period of notice. Lulebo is offering those wishing to terminate the agreement a one (1) month period of notice counting from the turn of next month. After that, hook-up post control will be gradually introduced. This offer applies until 2017-12-31. To give notice, contact the Customer Center on tel. 0920-23 67 00.

  • Where possible, Lulebo will offer the tenant the option of receiving continuous electrical power (6 A) for recharging electric vehicles. Adaptation if any is at the expense of the tenant.
  • Information about the new rental charges has been published from November on On your rental invoice for January 2018 appears your new parking space charges.

PUBLISHED 2017-11-29.